Medidor Group was born of the necessity to protect families from the ever-increasing access to unsecured cannabis, pharmaceutical drugs, and firearms, all the while preserving smokable products' prime shelf life. Our line of secured-access safes are the only multi-faceted solution of their kind, and represent the future in safety and preservation within the household or commercial spaces. 


Medidor represents the past, present, and future of controlled access technologies geared towards safety solutions within the home.  Medidor was founded in 2014 by David Ratchford, and is headquartered in Arcata, CA in the heart of Humboldt County. 

Having started several successful companies in the past, the company CEO/founder had yet another vision to provide a cutting edge solution to keep families safe. To date, the Medidor1 is the only solution of its kind, and will be shipping late first quarter 2017. 


Independent research shows that accidental ingestion of medication is responsible for 95% of medication related poisoning visits to emergency departments nationwide.  Additionally, about a third of all American households with children under 18 have a gun in them.  With so many threats to a child's safety inside of the home, there is an inherent need for devices that only allow controlled access to parents.  Medidor products are designed to give parents this access, while providing a level of comfort when if comes to  keeping their families safe.  


Medidor products uphold the highest level of production quality and testing in the controlled access industry.  It is our goal as a company to save as many lives as possible by providing only the best in secure storage solutions for the home and commercial applications.

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